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  "I enjoy working with Brian because he is such a great photographer. His experience and skills show immensely. I enjoy working with him because he makes models so comfortable. He is sweet and a gentlemen.

He is a blast to work with!"

- Brooke Hubner

"Working with Brian is always a BLAST Whether you're at the beach or in an old railroad station, you're sure to have a ton of fun and get some AWESOME photos to show for it!"

- Cassandra Murray

Kelly Marie Szabo

"Brian Williams is more than just a fantastic photographer, he is a wonderful person! He has a zest for life - and, for photography. He is one of the photographers that once you work with him you are going to want to work with him again and again and again! He is someone that you can always count on!"

- Kelly Marie Szabo


"I actually met Brian through a simple act of kindness, I was all set to attend Ujena Bikini Jam in Spain but then realized that airfare wasn't included in the package. Feeling down and discouraged - I emailed all the photographers I had scheduled shoots with and told them I would not be attending. About two hours later I received a voicemail from Brian, a man who had never met me in his life. He encouraged me to rally for sponsors and told me that he had bought me my very first unit based on the simple fact that he believed in me. Because of this random act of kindness and the fact that Brian believed in me - I went on to win Ujena Model of the Year at the Jam and ultimately my life has changed."

- Tracy Pendergast


"I first shot with Brian at the Ujena Bikini Jam. He was very easy to work with and always got the best shots possible of me! The lighting and poses all looked the best - and so natural! I really love his style. I shot more with him that week than I did with anyone else. He was so sweet, funny and professional and he always got me my pics asap! I can't wait to shoot with him again!"

- SarahRae



"I recently worked with Brian at the Ujena Bikini Jam 22 in Sitges, Spain. The photos he took of me were some of the best I have from the event, and I shot with over 15 photographers! Not only did I love the images - Brian was very professional and valued my creative input, opinions and privacy. He has an obvious love for photography and respect for the models he works with. He is fun and is very energetic. I now consider Brian a friend as well - and plan on working with him as much as possible in the future!"

-Andria Lea


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